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I started with Impact in June of 2014. Before I started, I had lost about 50 lbs. by going on the HCG Diet and eating extremely low calories, I have also done WW in the past and have gone to the gym but the pounds always came back. After losing all that weight I ended up having issues with my knees and some weight came back on.  I knew at that point I needed to find a gym where I could be motivated enough to stick to it and find someone who could instruct me on exercises that could strengthen my knees and educate me on proper nutrition.  A friend commented on Facebook that they had a great workout at Impact with Peter, so I messaged Peter and started at Impact.  It took me a while before I caught on to the nutritional part of the program as I was traveling every month for a good 6 months  and I was struggling in making good food choices while away from home. The amazing thing that happened was that Peter never gave up on me and I stopped making excuses and then results started to happen. I’m losing fat and inches on a daily basis. I have completed obstacle course races which I never thought I could do, Peter pushed me and I’m a better person today because I overcame the fear of the unknown. He consistently motivates everyone ALL the time. He is always positive! He provides each individual with a nutritional plan which he monitors, he provides each individual with corrective exercises based on their functional movement and is constantly educating the team on nutrition, body movement, technique and etc…  It’s not just about a workout at Impact. It’s about family, support and motivation from the Impact team, and the constant drive to be better individuals physically and mentally. I highly recommend Impact!! Thanks Peter for all that you do!!!

Discover the Secrets to Weight Loss That Michelle and So Many Other Framingham, Sudbury, or just MetroWest Residents Have At Impact Metro West

It’s really true…You CAN Lose Weight and Keep it Off FOREVER! And, it really isn’t difficult…once you let me show you how…

Now, for all my skeptical friends out there, let me share this with you first to set your mind at ease and show you how this Metro West weight loss program is different – REALLY DIFFERENT!

How is it different?

You mean, other than the fact that IT WORKS? 😉 That’s easy. It’s different because…I UNDERSTAND.

Allow me to fully introduce myself and tell you what I mean when I say, “I understand your struggles with weight loss.”

My name is Peter McMahon and growing up as child and young adult I struggled with being overweight, deconditioned, and lacking any self confidence. Throughout these difficult years my life was a living hell. I didn’t want to go to school, socialize, and I felt super uncomfortable in my own skin. Worse of all, Athletics (baseball, basketball, and football) which was my passion, suffered from a lack of confidence and mental toughness. Though hard work, discipline, passion, drive, and a tremendous commitment to health/fitness. I developed my mind, body, and spirit that has completely transformed my life. It’s EXTRAordinary. Going into ever day bringing the best version of you is what living life is all about.

Now, as we mature(get older) and live our life. We phase in and out(the treadmill of life) of these thoughts of pain, frustration, and distress about not being where we want to be. We want to be fit, strong, sexy, lean, and achieving the weight loss that has burdened us for many years. Ultimatey, having mucho confidence to live that life worth telling a story about.

So, as you can see, I very much understand the weight loss battle, and I know what it takes to lose weight. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people right here in Framingham, Sudbury, Wellesley, and Natick lose weight and feel great! Now, I want to help YOU lose weight and feel great, too!!

Need to know a little more?

Sure thing. Let me share some more details about our weight loss program and how you can start seeing results immediately. But first, let me overcome one of the biggest concerns I get when I talk to people about my weight loss program:

Is this program really right for me? Am I going to be able to handle it?” or “Is this program really right for me? Is it going to be too easy or basic?”

That is a very legitimate concern, and actually one I think needs to be asked. Unfortunately, in today’s quick-fix and make-money-fast world a lot of good people are sold on weight loss programs that just aren’t appropriate for them. Many of them are too generic, while others are way too advanced, and some are just downright INSANE!

The short answer to you question is, YES!

“Finally! A Framingham, Wellesley, Sudbury, and Natick Weight Loss Program That’s Appropriate for ALL Fitness Levels.”

 Seriously, this program works for EVERYONE who wants it to. Just take a look at these amazing results from all different types of people. I bet one of our successful members started off in a very similar spot as you…

“In the past 12 weeks I dropped the last 13 pounds and now weigh less than 120 pounds! I have lost another 11.5 inches and 6% body fat with a total weight loss of 44 pounds. IMPACT Rocks!

If I had to give any advice to anyone reading this, I would say, don’t take too much time to THINK about it, just do it. You will be glad you did. I recommend joining IMPACT with a friend. Not wanting to let them down is a huge motivator. As a 50+ busy mom, wife, entrepreneur and competitive horse woman, I can tell you that I can do it and you can too.” – Rhonda White

40+ Entrepreneur

“I really didn’t notice any one thing that was affecting my health, but I realized I was moving a little slower in my soccer games! My wife signed me up for IMPACT. I showed up the first morning not sure what to expect but my coach was great! I never get board and each workout dedicates time to the muscle groups that need the most improvement. By the end of month I was able to do triple the amount of push ups and feel fantastic in my clothes. I look forward to the camp not only for the health and fitness results, but also the camaraderie. And with 3 young boys, I intend to stay fit to be a great role model for them.”

Mark Nolan

50+ Realtor

“I have never stuck to an exercise program and now I look forward to IMPACT. Every workout is different, productive and the hour goes by so fast. Our coach keeps us accountable so even on days that I would prefer to sleep in I know she is looking out for me to arrive. Within a short amount of time IMPACT gave me the stamina to keep up with the younger and quicker players on my soccer team. I could swiftly running across the field and felt so proud that my exercise had paid off. Because of boot camp I was able to play more competitively.”

Barbara Apt

40, mother of 2, Regional Sales Director

“Now It’s Your Turn To Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Look The Best You Ever Have. You Deserve It, Too!”

Impact Metrowest Introductory Fitness Special!

If you’ve tried diets and other gyms without a lot of success, we can change all of that.