Peter McMahon, Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach

For the past 11 years Peter McMahon has made a life focused on helping others realize and achieve their full potential through providing the best personal training customized to each client’s needs.

Growing up as child and young adult Peter McMahon struggled with being overweight and lacked both conditioning and self confidence. Though hard work, discipline, passion, drive, and a tremendous commitment to health/fitness, Peter gradually developed his mind, body, and spirit.

“Bringing Out The Best In You, Not Only In Fitness, But In Life”

This effort has completely transformed his life. In 2006, he decided to take his personal experiences to the next level and obtained his 1st personal training certification from American Council on Exercise. He then applied this new knowledge to himself and sculpted his body, developed his strength, and improved his functionality ten folds by modifying his exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. When he saw how this kind of training could transform his own life, he was inspired to help others make similar changes to their own physique and mental attitude.

Focused On Helping Others Get Fit

Since 2006, Peter McMahon has trained hundreds of clients leveraging not only his ACE, NASM, FMS, and Specialty Certification background, but his own weight loss experience. This has helped him better understand and relate to his clientele.

Every personal trainer has a different philosophy regarding the direction they will take when training their clients. My approach is to use a system that is known as Functional Integrated Training. By using this system, I will help you to get the most benefit for your performance needs and ultimately overall better body.

Functional Integrated Training requires different components such as Flexibility, Power, Speed, Balance, and Strength Training. Not functioning properly in any one of these areas will hinder your performance in your day to day endeavors.

While machine training alone, has a place in the world of fitness, it only provides exercise in an isolated, single plane of motion, with little emphasis on functional improvement or injury prevention. With my program, you will be exercising in multiple planes of motion using a comprehensive approach that will work to improve all of the areas necessary to allow you to achieve all your fitness goals safely and effectively. ”You’ll train for a better life as professional athletes train for their sports.”

The History of IMPACT Training

The IMPACT program was the idea of Dr. John Spencer Ellis, founder of the National Exercise Sports Trainers Association and The Adventure Boot Camp Program. John and his team at NESTA did research on the best format for fat burning and muscle conditioning and came up with the formula for IMPACT. John invited Kelli Calabrese, Clinical Exercise Specialist and Master Trainer to co-create the program including the original 12 IMPACT Method workouts.

Together John and Kelli have 45 years of experience in the fitness industry and have amassed 7 college degrees and a combined 35 fitness, nutrition and lifestyle certifications. Kelli and John have many media appearances to their credit including NBC, ABC & CBS. They have spoken internationally, have co-authored books and fitness programs and have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of well being and fitness. Kelli and John have poured all of their years working with clients from weekend warriors to athletes into the IMPACT program. They have read research, interviewed coaches and taken all of their successes with the Adventure Boot Camp program and wrapped it into the IMPACT Method for you to get the most excellent results.