Hello Impact Family and Friends,

I hope everybody is ready to create your own EXTRAordinary weekend. Remember, we all have ONLY one life and one opportunity to leave your mark. Make it count!

As I reflect on my unbelievable journey to Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong about a year ago. There were many moments of gratitude, amazement, and excitement. From the tasty dishes of authentic Vietnamese food in Saigon and Hanoi. To the adventure we took in Ha long Bay. Marveling at the emerald green waters, kayaking through the caves, and observing the massive limestones that have taken the shapes of mesmerizing figures. The greatest take-home was how such a small country(Vietnam), not just in the size of the coffees(I had one served up in a cup the size of a thimble!), but also in terms of area. I had just as many opportunities and success as anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, they had frikken challenges. But it’s how some managed those challenges(some get it, some don’t. YOU DECIDE), that’s the difference-maker. Now I know as a foreigner you may say how did you determine the success or lack thereof. Just through observation, I saw plenty of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and Mercedes. Massive houses that looked like museums, and 100-foot yachts along the coast. Also, just visiting multiple gyms. Businesses where thriving, connections were being made, and great success was being earned. How were these people able to succeed in a third world smaller country than the USA. My suggestion is that these people were able to travel a more important distance more wisely.

What you may ask is the most important distance? Here are three hints:

1. It takes less time than an hour to cross
2. No matter where you are the distance is the same for everybody.
3. Everyone has a choice to make the trip.

ANSWER! This distance is the 6 inches between your ears!

It’s not where you live, the size of the country, or any other excuse. It’s the size of your thoughts that determine your success. When thoughts make the journey, they become your BELIEFS, and what you believe determines your actions. The actions you take will then influence your opportunities and ultimately your destiny.

Constantly thinking about something a certain way leads to what you believe. When you look at the word BELIEVE, you might be interested to find the word inside: LIE. So, your lil thoughts making the 6inch trip between your ears sometimes have to get past some LIES in order to BELIEVE the right thing. Have you heard these LIE’s before?

  • I can’t do it
  • It will never happen
  • The economy is bad
  • Life isn’t fair
  • Somebody else deserves it
  • It’s not my responsibility
  • It’s his or her fault
  • I don’t have the talent, looks, skills, or luck
  • It’s impossible
  • This has always been the way.

And on and ON! The goal is to recognize them for what they are, crappy LIES that you have to change your thoughts on. Change the trip a thought takes on those 6 inches between your ears and change your LIFE. We all will face those lies at one point or another. Successful people get past them. In order to achieve MO, you need to get past them too.

You have to agree, it doesn’t matter where you live or the size of the country, or town where you are from. It matters to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! GREATNESS can come from anywhere. The sad part is mediocrity and average can come from anywhere as well. The choice is yours

And it starts TODAY by taking a new path on that 6-inch journey between your ears.

Life is an adventure! How you think will determine if the journey will offer you what you want or what you don’t want.