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If you’ve tried diets and other gyms without a lot of success, we can change all of that.

We’re not a trendy diet or workout fad. We believe in giving you the individual attention you need and providing you with a network of support and encouragement to get you on the path to fitness and help keep you there!

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Are you ready to feel great? Ready to get fit and feel great physically and mentally?

Yes, you’re worth it. You’re only given one body and one lifetime, so don’t waste any more time or money on diets and gyms that don’t work.

Save 45% off regular rates and experience the difference training with Impact Fitness in Framingham makes!

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It’s been my life’s goal to help people feel better, get fit, and help make them the best they can be. I can’t wait to help you get started.

Coach Peter McMahon, Head Trainer and Owner
Impact Metrowest