Hello Impact Family and Friends,

Its SUPER week and Congrats to Andy Reid and the KC Chiefs for being World Champions! OUTSTANDING! From day 1 of the preseason, every team has one objective, one focus, and one GOAL! That GOAL is to make it to the SUPER BOWL and be victorious. The urgency is continuous, motivation through the roof, and commitment is EXTRAordinary.

Can you imagine if every day you woke up with the same urgency, motivation, and commitment that these athletes have? What would your routine be like to best prepare for that great event? Think about it! What does it take to bring your best every day and perform like a champion?

Here are some critical steps I’m sure the PATRIOTS or Chiefs follow:

  • FOLLOW YOUR ROUTINE. This always works. It never doesn’t work!
  • GET IN GREAT WORKOUTS. 2 to 3 workouts a week to remove stress, anxiety, and tension to keep you STRONG, CONFIDENT, MOVING WELL, and FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS
  • ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS. Everybody is pulling on you like Family, media, fans, and friends. They are on your team, but probably not training like a CHAMPION. You need to FOCUS on your GOAL/EVENT and nothing else matters.
  • RELAX A BIT. It is important to get mellow yellow/recharge time. Get your mind right with massages, reading, writing, and YOU time.
  • PREPARATION. This is the KEY TO VICTORY! Quality practices/training, going over film/action items, Studying the game plan day to day/eating right, sleeping, hydration, Mental reps, Visualize success. Going through “what ifs” from start to finish. Game or day. They are both vital. BE PREPARED TO BATTLE!
  • NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK. Tom Brady does this pretty well! Don’t you think? You can do what ever you want to do with the right STRATEGY! Bill Belichik is a strategy hound and Coach Peter is too! When you aim at the right target and FIRE! That’s when RESULTS FOLLOW!
  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Stop every day and take deep breaths. SLOW DOWN

My point is that we need to create our own event/SUPERBOWL! In business, our personal lives, and associate the steps above to get you FIRED UP and then some………………

Think about exercise at Impact or anywhere else as practice for being comfortable, being uncomfortable! Getting our mind strong, body stronger, and spirit strongest! We are at WAR and we need constant victories to come out on top. Through adversities, obstacles, and trials/tribulations our focus should stay in line with what will make us better. We all know that exercise matters! We all know what is healthy to eat/drink and what is NOT! We all know what is right and wrong! All of these within reason. So what are we waiting for? One life, one opportunity, one chance, to leave our mark! Build our legacy! Lets GO!

Here is your homework this week:

  • I want you to think about something SUPER you can do this week to be GREAT! Personal or professional!

Here are some ideas:

  • Go to the mountains and ski/snowboard! Or snowshoeing! Fun and adventure always works.
  • Book a trip that you have been thinking about forever! Stop procrastinating! Start doing!
  • GO on a super date with your spouse or loved one.
  • Get involved with an amazing physical feat and attack with purpose
  • Feed the homeless
  • Volunteer at church
  • Step up your game with your health and fitness
  • Study or read 1 hour a night with a topic you want to learn more about.

DO SOMETHING that will push the needle, get you better, and bring more IMPACT to your LIFE! And of course, do the steps above that develop champions. Here at Impact, that’s what we do!

It’s a great week to be SUPER my friends. Greatness comes from doing all the little things really well! Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid to take risks, trust your preparation, AND GET THE JOB DONE EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Then we will celebrate LIFE to the utmost.