Group Training Fitness Classes

Group Training Fitness Classes

Our Group Personal Training Fitness Classes are known for being high energy, super motivating, and built around your needs. Losing fat, building muscle, and feeling amazing might be what you want, but you’ve had trouble meeting these goals at other gyms. Impact Metro West has the strategy to get you there with passion and purpose.


At Impact Metro West you won’t see rows of cardio equipment, like you see at most gyms. Impact Metro West uses much more effective methods (and a lot more fun) to incorporate “cardio.” Getting that metabolic disturbance with integrated total body exercises will give you the cardiovascular benefits while burning tons of body fat. We incorporate multiplanar, multi-joint movements using TRX, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, and air dyne bikes for an interval style training class. You’ll have a blast and melt away fat fast.


Getting Strong is developed by the strength aspect of the training. Full body strength training is our #1 priority to burn fat and build lean muscle to boost your metabolic rate for the long term. You will use weights that are challenging for a set time. Everybody goes at their own pace, and each week you challenge yourself a little bit more to get your constant adaptation (results driven). Get in three times a week and feel amazing, look amazing, and perform amazingly.


Everybody is screened prior to your first workout. During our screening we analyze your body movements and talk with you about your goals. The result is an individualized program that is specific to YOU. Work to rest is constantly manipulated to ensure you have the ultimately fat loss experience.

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Or, if you think you’d rather have completely personalized attention, learn more about our private Personal Training sessions.