Hello Impact Family and Friends,

We wanted to give you an update about what’s happening at Impact MetroWest due to the coronavirus outbreak. As you know, we are 100% committed to helping you reach your fitness goals, no matter what! And to that end … cue the drumroll …We’ve got exciting news to share with you!

As a preventative measure, we’re rolling out an AMAZING BRAND-NEW PROGRAM to help you keep up with your workouts in the comfort of your living room until you can get back to Impact and beyond.We’re transitioning to ONLINE COACHING – it’s an incredible way to work out that lets you STAY CONNECTED to your fitness family and keep working toward your goals, all from your home!Just a few years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to do this- but I’m so grateful that we’re able to do it TODAY! 

All you will need is your computer, an internet connection, and some basic equipment. It’s through a FREE software solution called Zoom.

This is NOT the time to sit back on the couch and let all your amazing progress slip away! You have worked so hard, and we are so proud of the progress you’ve made!

So … it’s time to dig in and not let a temporary situation derail us!  In fact, I think this gives us a great opportunity to focus even more on our health – and our family’s health! Remember: Staying active and fit will keep your immune system strong – and also help you burn off stress. And with the power of your local fitness community behind you, you can get through this fitter than ever!

NOTE: Your family members are welcome to join in the workouts!

Those of you who still want to come to the studio for their workouts, know that we are sticking with our stepped-up cleaning and disinfecting program. We are limiting class size, in keeping with current health recommendations. We are asking people who do not feel well or who have been around anyone who is ill to NOT come to the studio.” Can’t wait to see you (literally!) inside our online program. We’re going to make this transition as easy, fun, and enjoyable for you as possible!

If you have ANY questions, let us know!

Committed to Your Success,
Coach Peter