Happy Early LABOR Day Impact family and friends,

When I used to play football years ago, we used to hold up 4 fingers as we would enter the 4th quarter and yell out “FOURRRRR!!!” That meant that we would FIND a way to dig down deep and win the game. Well, we are almost in the 4th quarter of this year. There are 121 days left in 2019. Plenty of time to make adjustments, get better, and blast into 2020 Impact Strong and STRONGER.

And I want to know what YOU are going to do to FINISH STRONG this year. Send me a FaceBook comment or email me what your game plan is. I would love to hear what your driving force is to keep pushing the needle going into the stretch RUN!

FYI-We will be conducting assesses periodically with every Impact player to see what rebuilding must be done after our summer CHAOS! Be ready.

Let me tell you, 2019 has been a character-building year both professionally and personally! The OUTCOME, I am more MOTIVATED than EVER to leave my mark, build my legacy, and make a positive difference in the lives of MILLIONS.

It was just 6 years ago that I establish Impact MetroWest! During this time, its been an amazing process of development, adjustments, perseverance, and ultimately a program that is all about getting MINDS RIGHT. Of course bodies too, but if we don’t get MINDS and SPIRITS right. It’s a temporary solution! Its all about BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATIONS. You all have made me so very proud of the commitment to YOU and Impact  My goal for all of my champions is about building a World-Class team of highly motivated individuals that are fired up to take on the world. Achieving fitness and life goals that you want, need, and deserve. Thank you so very much for being so AWESOME.

Here are some great things going on at Impact:

September 28th – FITRANX – That’s right my friends. Lets put all of our hard work to the test and see the results of our work. Remember, this is by invitation only(you will know by Wednesday evening if you have been invited). GOOD LUCK

Nov 9th – Spartan Race @FENWAY PARK

spartan race logo

We are using this EVENT as a GOAL with a dead line to SURGE! We have set up our Impact MetroWest team at https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/2623/overview

DO NOT HESITATE ON THIS! Tickets sell out fast. Sign up NOW at 830a on Saturday option. Then select Impact MetroWest when you are asked to join a team.

Please understand as your Coach, I would NEVER set you up for failure! All of our team will not only be able to handle it. We will all CRUSH IT! As soon as you sign up, I will be adjusting your programming to ensure exercise, food intake, hydration, and overall best practices is geared toward YOU handling this event like a CHAMP! SO ONCE YOU SIGN UP, LET ME KNOW and its ON. Remember, our training is all about HUMAN MOVEMENT PERFORMANCE. Moving as an INTEGRATED UNIT, taking a joint by joint approach, and getting your body FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS! I’m so excited to see many of our veteran Impact GO GETTERS showcasing their conditioned bodies and minds.

For the ROOKIE’S, this is just what you need to develop just a lil bit more PURPOSE! Just imagine looking, feeling, and performing at EXTRAordinary levels heading into the holidays. Now that would be a true CELEBRATION worth talking about.. Please welcome our new Impact Players:

Victor S
Gabrielle F
Ivette M
Jose M
Syed Hussain
Steve Levine

We are in the 4th quarter where we could typically have a ton of breakdowns. Building up that massive momentum with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and overall best practices will keep us FOCUS and COMMITTED to YOU. Continue to drill down on that emotional purpose on why you took action with Impact. When you can get emotional about something (ie. YOUR PURPOSE!), that is when you are playing in the right stratosphere. That is where PASSION lives. That is where PURPOSE is found. And that is where you create your maximum IMPACT.

My friends, it will be an amazing end of year. You all have done an outstanding job in getting better. When we continue to create that team unity, we become UNSTOPPABLE. When we are UNSTOPPABLE everything is possible.

Do me and do YOU a favor…
Renergize your spirit.
Play with passion everyday.
Live with purpose in your life.
And keep creating massive IMPACT in all you do.

Much love, Much IMPACT!